Friday, May 31, 2013


I got off from work around 4:00 p.m, went straight to my daughter's school which happens to be my wife's school as well. Little bad news. My daughter was a bit sick of her stomach, vomited like 3  to times already after lunch. I didn't panic though.

We then went to BIG C EXTRA anticipating for a hot Ramen Noodles. But upon arriving, going up through an escalator, my daughter again threw up something, I guess that was the ice cream she ate at school. We're  a bit confused what to do then. My daughter didn't feel any pain or dizziness. She just seems kinda laugh after throwing up. 

I then went to an atm machine and checked my account. And good God, my school surprises me big time! I never really expected that they'll give me a fair extra. I was thinking, maybe because I had 24 hours a week of teaching. I don't really know. If that's the case, then a bit bad for next month coz they just changed my load from 24 to 22 last Wednesday. Anyway, I'm still thankful for this big surprise. It's a big deal for me, really.

At the Ramen shop, we ordered two bowls, two side dishes, and a guava juice. Maybe the hot noodle soup eases up her stomach problem. But she ate just a little, and drank more of the guava juice, and guess what she vomits again.

After eating, we went to RAJYINDEE Hospital and had her checked. Her doctor suspected a food poisoning. She gave us an anti-vomit medicine. My wife and I tried to let our daughter to take the medicine however we failed twice. She just insistently spat it all out... even with the help of the nurse.

So we just went home thinking how to let my daughter drink the meds. 

I hope, she'll get well tomorrow.

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