Monday, May 27, 2013

Fun Run

Yesterday, May 26, we joined a 4km Fun Run. Too bad, we didn't get a chance to take a picture. Even didn't get a certificate (except for Marlon and Margz) and a medal coz we just decided to not register ourselves in the event. Just pure run eh.

Remember I got a problem with my left eye? Yesterday early morning when I woke up, I can felt the smoothness in my left eye, thank God it left. It stayed there for like 3 days, right? I was almost tempted to visit an eye specialist, but I was scared though. Thanks goodness it's all gone now.

So back to the FUN RUN. I had some friends that went along with me. They're actually my colleagues at school too. A Filipino couple, Marga and Marlon and there was Fred, a french. The run started around 6.25 am starting from Jiranakorn Stadium  going left when we reached the round-about, and then went left on the next corner, run a bit more then  we finally reached the point where we made a U-turn, the went back exactly where we started. 

It was fun. Actually, we agreed to join the 10.5 marathon on June 9, 2013. We think we can make it. A Four kilometer run is just fine with us, I can say. I do wonder, how would we take the 10km. If we really can make it,  that would be my first ever 10km run and would be awesomely fun too. Let's just see then. 

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