Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miracle at St. Anna

I just finished watching this war-drama movie in my PSP. It just took 2 hours and 40 minutes (approx) viewing. Here's the summary of the movie and the link where I got it...

Christmas, 1983. A New York postal clerk, a Buffalo Soldier in Italy in World War II, shoots a stranger. In his apartment, police find a valuable Italian marble head, missing since the war. Flashbacks tell the story of four Black soldiers who cross Tuscany's Serchio River, dodging German and friendly fire. With a shell-shocked boy in tow, they reach the village of Colognora. Orders via radio tell them to capture a German soldier for questioning about a counteroffensive. In the village, a beautiful woman, partisans that include a traitor and a local legend, the boy, and the story of a recent massacre connect to the postal worker's anguish forty years later. And the miracle? Written by {jhailey@hotmail.com}

In the fall of 1944, four African-American soldiers find themselves caught behind enemy lines and surrounded by German soldiers. They take refuge in a small Italian village that has been temporarily vacated by the Germans. In their company in a small boy, obviously shell-shocked and feverish, who seems only to speak to his invisible friend Arturo. Tensions rise among the four men not only because of their life-threatening situation but also because two of them become rivals for the attention of an attractive young woman. When they manage to make contact with their unit, they are told to capture a German soldier for questioning and with the aid of the Italian partisans, have a candidate. What they don't realize is that there is a traitor in the partisan group, one that will have major repercussion on one of the men 40 years later. Written by
garykmcd Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1046997/plotsummary

So, what do I think about this?
This movie is generally good, average, I could say... But quite aggravating too. You can see here how the Whites mistreated the Blacks; treating them like pigs, etc... Nazi soldiers slaughtered innocent people. How inhumane that was! Anyway, those were the days... I just felt sorry for the victims. I'm not gonna let my emotion be carried away with this film. LOL... Relax.... Films are apparently made just to entertain our cute eyes. I'm jsut talking to myself. Keep your cool...
However, aside from those negative things I seen, in the end, you really will be amazed. The MIRACLE, that's what the crux of the movie all about, right? You see the little boy on the picture above? Guess what? Nah.... Just watch it yourself guys. I know you'll love it. Just don't cry, Ok?
Thanks for droppin by.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sup guys....

Feeling better now. Hope this would last longer eh...
Hope I can stand everything on my way!!! LOL...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Windin up..

I just decided to take a day break for headin up school...

I got tired...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Movie time again. I just watched "RockNRolla."

Lenny Cole, a London mob boss, puts the bite on all local real estate transactions. For substantial fees, he's helping Uri Omovich, a Russian developer. As a sign of good faith, Omovich loans Cole a valuable painting, promptly stolen off Cole's wall. While Cole's men, led by the dependable Archie, look for the canvas, three local petty criminals, the Wild Bunch, steal money from the Russian using inside information from his accountant, the lovely Stella. Meanwhile, a local drug-addled rocker, Johnny Quid, is reported drowned, and his connection to Cole is the key to unraveling the deceits and double crosses of life in the underworld. Written by {jhailey@hotmail.com}

If you're after of non-stop action, this is not the type of movie you wanna watch. But mind you guys, I still enjoyed watchin it. I find some part of the scene a little funny though, that was when his best mate confessed that he wanted not some chicks but him!!! LOL. That almost cracked me up.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Where do I begin?

I really don't know how to start this. I'm really not used of writing stuffs nowadays but I'll give it a try.

I think, I'll just first talk about my school.

I'm the only Filipino teacher in this school, a vocational college, Hatyai Amnuaywit School of Business Administration. Been teaching here since June. Generally, people and the place is pretty much cool. But not perfect. Here's the glitch.

We don't have classes already, but we're still required to be on duty. Whatever!!! I really hate it. It's ridiculous . However, I can't be heard, coz I'm not voicing it out.

I don't have somebody (in school) to talk to about this ludicrous situation I have at this moment. That's my choice though. I'm afraid of what I might say. Better be silent. What if I'll bark at them? LOL... Silent is considered as the best and peril weapon.

So what did I do? Go for a hunger strike!!! Hahahaha....

I loaded my PSP (PlayStationPortable) with movies, mp3 and games. In the morning, I manage to watch 1 movie, and later in the afternoon, I'll play with it for about 3 straight hours. Huh, what a relief. My hands suffered a temporary slight pain after. Currently, I have this Prince of Persia: Rival of Two Swords psp game. It' s really stunning though.

What would they expect me to do? LOL...

Anyway, hope I can get over with this freak situation.

Is this enough? I mean, the content of my very first blog? I'd better stop here. Hope I can think of any better things next time.

God bless...