Friday, May 31, 2013


I got off from work around 4:00 p.m, went straight to my daughter's school which happens to be my wife's school as well. Little bad news. My daughter was a bit sick of her stomach, vomited like 3  to times already after lunch. I didn't panic though.

We then went to BIG C EXTRA anticipating for a hot Ramen Noodles. But upon arriving, going up through an escalator, my daughter again threw up something, I guess that was the ice cream she ate at school. We're  a bit confused what to do then. My daughter didn't feel any pain or dizziness. She just seems kinda laugh after throwing up. 

I then went to an atm machine and checked my account. And good God, my school surprises me big time! I never really expected that they'll give me a fair extra. I was thinking, maybe because I had 24 hours a week of teaching. I don't really know. If that's the case, then a bit bad for next month coz they just changed my load from 24 to 22 last Wednesday. Anyway, I'm still thankful for this big surprise. It's a big deal for me, really.

At the Ramen shop, we ordered two bowls, two side dishes, and a guava juice. Maybe the hot noodle soup eases up her stomach problem. But she ate just a little, and drank more of the guava juice, and guess what she vomits again.

After eating, we went to RAJYINDEE Hospital and had her checked. Her doctor suspected a food poisoning. She gave us an anti-vomit medicine. My wife and I tried to let our daughter to take the medicine however we failed twice. She just insistently spat it all out... even with the help of the nurse.

So we just went home thinking how to let my daughter drink the meds. 

I hope, she'll get well tomorrow.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's Friday, and it's the most anticipated day of the week. 

However, I have committed myself to do weekend classses. I know it's tiring, but I need some extra cash/income for the family. It seems that I don't have a choice. I have been teaching here in this school for just seven months now, but this is my fourth school in my 6 years staying here in Thailand. So far, this is the best school I ever and will ever have. Although they only give a fair salary for Filipino teachers, but we are given chances for special classes on Saturday and Sunday. 

Too bad though, I only have few students enrolled in my weekend class. But yesterday, one of the Thai colleague offered help. He will give me students coz he can't have more than 20 in a class. Thanks goodness for his kindness. I am positive that the longer I will teach/stay here, the better opportunities I will have.

Have a great day everyone. Of course you will have, coz it's payday today.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fun Run

Yesterday, May 26, we joined a 4km Fun Run. Too bad, we didn't get a chance to take a picture. Even didn't get a certificate (except for Marlon and Margz) and a medal coz we just decided to not register ourselves in the event. Just pure run eh.

Remember I got a problem with my left eye? Yesterday early morning when I woke up, I can felt the smoothness in my left eye, thank God it left. It stayed there for like 3 days, right? I was almost tempted to visit an eye specialist, but I was scared though. Thanks goodness it's all gone now.

So back to the FUN RUN. I had some friends that went along with me. They're actually my colleagues at school too. A Filipino couple, Marga and Marlon and there was Fred, a french. The run started around 6.25 am starting from Jiranakorn Stadium  going left when we reached the round-about, and then went left on the next corner, run a bit more then  we finally reached the point where we made a U-turn, the went back exactly where we started. 

It was fun. Actually, we agreed to join the 10.5 marathon on June 9, 2013. We think we can make it. A Four kilometer run is just fine with us, I can say. I do wonder, how would we take the 10km. If we really can make it,  that would be my first ever 10km run and would be awesomely fun too. Let's just see then. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bad Luck?

So I went to our school and checked if how many students enrolled in my class. Guess what. NOBODY! What a bummer. Honestly, i felt so down. Relying on my salary alone is not enough. I have so much things in my mind now.

Next term, I will try to push guitar class. Let's see how is it's gonna work.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Visakha Bucha Day

Yeah, we've got a day break. It's not that long but we do love holidays. Today is Visakha Bucha in Thailand. Here's what, how and why they celebrate this.

"VISAKHA BUCHA (Vesak) means the worship of the Buddha on the full moon day of the sixth lunar month. It usually falls in May. In the case of a year with an extra eighth lunar month--Adhikamasa (there are 13 full moons in that year)-- the Visakha Bucha Day falls on the full moon day of the seventh lunar month.


The Vesak full moon day (The full moon day of Sixth lunar month)
Visakha Bucha Day is one of the most important days in Buddhism because of three important incidents in the life of The Buddha, i.e. the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away, miraculously fall on the same month and date, the Vesak full moon day. .So each year, Buddhists throughout the world gather together to perform the worship to recollect the wisdom, purity and compassion of the Buddha.

The Buddha was a king by birth. His clan name was Gotama. He was born in Sakya Kingdom, eighty years before the Buddhist Era (around 2625 year ago), at Lumbini Park (now called Rummindel, in Nepal, north of India), in Madhayama Pradesa, located between Kapilavastu, capital of the Sakya Kingdom and Devadaha, capital of the Koliya Kingdom, on Friday, the Vesak full moon day in the year of the dog.

Prince Siddhatha (the Buddha's personal name) was the son of King Suddhodana and Queen Sirimahamaya. On his birthday, Queen Sirimahamaya who was pregnant, wanted to pay a visit to Devadaha wich was her native country.

In the morning of the Vesak Full moon day, the Queen left Kapilavastu on a visit to Devadaha. Approaching a lovely park of Sals trees called Lumbini, located between the two capitals but nearer to Devadaha, the Queen wanted to visit the park and when she arrived at a Sal tree she started contractions and gave birth to a son there. When the Kings of Kapilavastu and Devadaha learned this, they were very happy and arranged a procession back to Kapilavastu.

Prince Siddhatta was brought up in the midst of luxury, led the happy life of a privileged youth and married at the age of 16 to Princess Yasodhara or Bimba who bore him a son, Rahula.

He discontened and took on the life of a wandering ascetic a the bank of the Anoma River. He was then 29.

He studied the mystic practices of the foremost Brahmin ascetics and realized that such practices were not the way to enlightenment. He went on his own way applying the reflective thought of conscious meditation to a rational simple life of moderation.

At the age of 35, he attained Enlightenment at Uruvelasenanigama subdistrict, Magadha State, (nowadays, located in the area of Buddha Kaya, Bihar State, India), on Wednesday, the Vesak Full moon day, the year of the cock, forty five years before the Buddhist Era.

The Dhamma discovered by the Buddha was Ariyasacca or the Four Noble Truths, namely:
The Noble Truth of Suffering
The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering
The Noble Truth of the Extinction of Suffering
The Noble Truth of the Path leading to the Extinction of Suffering

After having attained Enlightenment, the Buddha wandered from place to place teaching his discoveries to people who are accessible to instruction, helping large numbers of them achieve various levels of spiritual attainment. He sent his followers to spread Buddhism in capitals, cities and upcountry, until Buddhism was firmly established and widely spread.

The Buddha passed away on Tuesday, the Vesak full moon day in the year of the small snake under the two Sal trees in the Sala Grove of the Mallas in Kusinara, capital of the Malla State, (nowadays located in Kusinagara of Uttrarapradesa, India) at the age of eighty (around 2545 years ago).

The performance of the rituals on Visakha Bucha day had been continuously observed in Jambudavipa or India, the motherland of Buddhism, for a long time before Buddhism spread to Sri Lanka and Thailand. There, the Visakha worship has been continually observed to the present day.

In Thailand, Visakha Bucha observance began during the Sukhuthai period (around 700 years ago), because of the close religious relations between Thailand and Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan monks came to propagate Buddhism in Thailand and were highly respected. Thai monks also went to study in Sri Lanka. It's believed that, those monks introduced this ceremony to the King and people at that time."

Thanks for dropping by. Click here to see the original website. Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speck in my left eye

Once, I drive back from school, something went into my eye. It's probably an insect or something, I'm not sure. It made me stop for a while, look at the motorbike mirror, but I can't really point where it is. So, I decided to just let it be and check it later when I get home.

But check this out, it's been two nights already, and the discomfort felt in my eye is still there. I tried almost everything to locate it, but in no luck. Blinking my eye under water didn't help.

Should go see an eye doctor? Hope not.

New Challenge

Hoooh... felt so exhausted; teaching 5 solid hours, but at least I can say I had fun.

This first term at school, Saengthong Vitthaya School, is a new challenge for me. New class schedule, new students, some new colleagues and some few rules which i really don't know.

But honestly, of all the schools that I have been for the past six years in Thailand, this is so far the BEST school ever. Just saying... Well, don't know... Maybe because of the office? people? environment? system? I really feel that I can last long here if the Almighty allows so.

More challenges ahead will come I know, like the special classes on Saturday and Sunday. Feels like I'm gonna be working seven days a week. Well, it's a good money though if more students will show up, only I didn't know how many yet.

Enjoy life... That is.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yeay... I'm still alive...

So, what's up everyone. It's been a long while I haven't written, even visited this page of mine. I just decided to take a long long break, even not thinking of coming back. But guess what, I think I'm back.

So much things happened in my life during those times but I'll just keep it myself for a while.

I'll consider myself as a beginner at the moment, so please be patient...

So, that's pretty much it. I now will try to write in my thoughts and views of every single thing I think interests my life; good or bad eh?

See you around...